Preparing for the Art Trial

Artary children and kids artworks
We hope these notes will help parents prepare for the trial session.

What To Bring

  • All materials required for the trial will be provided.
  • Do not wear precious (new) clothes! Dress comfortably in clothes that you do not mind being dirty!
  • Bring along your child’s water bottle.

Before Your Session

  • Prepare your child to attend the session on his/her own. To prevent disruption to the session and other children, parents are not allowed to sit in. We reserve the right to disallow any child to participate due to parent attachment issues.
  • If there are persistent attachment issues 15 mins into the trial, we regret that the trial may be terminated early. This is our commitment to provide an undisrupted art experience for other students in the session.
  • Prepare your child to make new friends during the trial!
  • Visiting the washroom before the session allows a disruption free art experience for your child.
  • Inform us of any special needs or points that we need to know about your child.
  • Our address, location and contact information can be found at Locations.

At Your Session

  • Come 15 mins before the session. This will allow your child to be familiar with the new surroundings.
  • Due to space constraints, we do not encourage whole families to enter the campus. If possible, only the parent should accompany the child in.
  • Your child will join a regular session with existing children.
  • No photography allowed during the session.

After Your Session

  • The Duty Teacher will advise if the programme is suitable for your child. We’ll share more about the programme structure, schedule and fee payment requirements with you.
  • You may register and make payment after your trial, or take time to consider at home.
  • A nominal fee will be collected for the materials used during the trial.
  • During high traffic timings (e.g. on weekends), we may not be able to attend to you after the trial session. We will contact you within three (3) days of your session. We seek your kind understanding.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries.
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