Featured Work

Read about ‘Defending Singapore, Our Home’, a collaborative art piece by teachers and students of ARTARY, that was presented to President Halimah Yacob as a tribute to NSmen.


Thousands of students have come through the doors of ARTARY to participate in the best art experience. Our children art programmes are designed to deliver a holistic, disciplined, and engaging art learning experience.

ARTARY+ Sch’ Hols

Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school!

Art Resources

ARTARY’s children art programmes consists of exquisite artworks, interaction projects, songs & games, imagination workouts, and many more activities specially designed to provide the best art experience for every child.

ARTARY e-Services

This online 24/7 e-Services portal provides a convenient and personalised experience to access ARTARY’s services from wherever you are. Available to students only.

ARTARY Programmes
Fine Art
Award-Winning. The Best in Class Fine Art Programme.
Creative Brain Labs
Creativity Training as an Essential part of Whole Brain Development.
Discover & Explore Art through Fun and Play.
Family-friendly & Social Art Painting & Jamming.
Menu Programmes
From 11 Oct 2021: All classes will resume in campus.