Award-Winning Children’s Kids Art Classes

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Kids’ Art Classes.

Award-Winning Kids Art Classes.

ARTARY’s art experience is uniquely Singaporean, second to none. From admissions to graduation, for both students and parents, experience is at the heart of everything we do. Countless hours have been put into studying, creating, commissioning and refining the many different components that make up the best experience for the thousands of students who have come through our doors.

“Yee Le thoroughly enjoys her art lessons at ARTARY. We are immensely grateful to the teachers who dedicate their time to teach Yee Le various art skills that we are unable to provide at home. We are extremely satisfied with the program and teachers at ARTARY.” Huo Yee Le, ARTARY Fine Art 2

“(My son’s) creativity and enthusiasm have flourished under the guidance of the instructors. […] A nurturing environment that fosters their artistic expression and fine motor skills […], inspire and nurture their passion for art in the future.” Simon Chong, ARTARY Fine Art 2

“It is very fun. Yumo enjoys ARTARY very much and she always looks forward to attending the class. Her blending skills and sketching skills have also improved.” Xiao Yumo, ARTARY Fine Art 3

“The art classes allow Alyssa to explore into her creativity and refining her precision in her artwork […] helps with her learning and we can see improvements in her paintings. We are amazed and satisfied to see her progress in her interest.” Alyssa Goh, ARTARY Fine Art 1

“ARTARY has a small class size which is suitable for my child. The teachers are also patient and helpful. I like the fact that the teachers are able to show me my child’s weekly progress on his art work.” Elliot Tan, ARTARY Fine Art 1

“My girl really enjoyed her art classes at the ARTARY! Even her school teachers noticed her creativity and boldness in choice of colours (in her) regular school artwork.” Ally Chuen, ARTARY Fine Art 1

Global Learning Experience

ARTARY’s Fine Art curriculum is broad-based and progressive, specially designed to allow students to acquire, master and build a strong foundation with the required art skill sets and techniques. Artworks in the curriculum have been carefully curated for students’ essential exploration of not only art, but through global themes, of the world around.
Creative Training
for Children

Structured Creative Training for Children

Creativity does not happen by chance, and training is structured and disciplined. Through controlled exposures to artworks, exercises, videos, songs and games, with unusual approaches to colours, compositions, perspectives and materials choices, the curriculum encourages conventional and unorthodox attitudes towards art, achieving the right balance between essential training and individual expression.

Trusted & Reputable Brand

All of ARTARY’s 9 campuses islandwide are wholly owned and operated by a management focused on providing the best art experience. ARTARY’s curriculum and processes have been put through the rigours of scale, discipline, transparency and accountability, to be the brand name that Singaporean children and parents can trust.
ARTARY Fine Art Programmes
Toddlers Children Art Class
3 – 3.9 yo. 75 mins session/week
Get exposed to art at an early age through play and exploration. Children will explore the beginnings of art from carefully designed art pieces, and a myriad of art mediums and tools that are specially selected to improve fine motor skills and concentration in children. Children receive quality attention from our teachers, with a maximum of 4 children in a group.
Preschool Children Art Class
4 – 5.4 yo. 75 mins session/week
Experiential learning in a fun and stimulating environment. Unique art learning approach through carefully selected cartoons, songs, pictures, and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to the children’s interest and suit their short concentration spans. Teachers who work with these young learners are carefully selected not only for their talent, but also for their warm and caring approach.
Preschool Primary School Children Art Class
5.5 – 7.9 yo. 90 mins session/week
Develop the children’s basics and principles of art. Highly interactive nature of the programme helps children gain a strong foundation in fine motor skills, and as springboards for developing their creativity, patience and observation skills. Designed to nurture a foundation of love for art, by engaging the children’s interest in drawing and colouring the familiar world around them with an entirely refreshing perspective.
Primary School Children Art Class
8 – 10.4 yo. 90 mins session/week
Develop a solid proficiency and foundation in drawing and painting skills, building upon students’ art exposure and vocabulary. Students will learn to exhibit individual creativity, attitude and emotions in through their art works. Designed to expose students to multitude of art styles, including famous classic and modern artists, and the infinite possibilities of creativity expressions in their life.
Primary Secondary School Art Class
10.5 – 14 yo. 90 mins session/week
Master advanced illustration and painting techniques through famous and challenging world-renowned works. Be inhibited and work freely at own’s pace for maximum experiential learning. Demands creativity and individualism from start to finish. Students will be required to attempt artworks of widely varying styles and concepts in both paintings and sculptures.
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