I am very appreciative of mentors who have taken time to explain and provide feedback of how my children are doing in class after each lesson. I also like that there are clear themes and learning objectives – my children are taught specific techniques over the past years that we are with ARTARY. We also learned much about the art masters and their styles. Harel has been with ARTARY for coming to three years and he really looks forward to going for his lessons every week.
Leona Kor
Parent of Harel & Haron Li
My kids enjoy the program very much and the teachers has been great! We are very satisfied with the program in ARTARY.
Fong W Y
Parent of Jania & Sarah Fong
Clarisse has benefitted from cheerful and patient teachers at Artary. She has been given a range of opportunities to explore different Art forms that I could not provide at home.
Brandon Lee
Parent of Clarisse Lee
Xavier has thoroughly enjoyed ARTARY since he was 3 years and he has always look forward to his class at ARTARY. Compared to other service provider[s], I felt that ARTARY provided a more wholesome Art experience, introducing the various techniques gradually and I appreciate the thematic based projects where they know more than just Art. Love it and will definitely recommend it to others.
Winnie Xu
Parent of Xavier Khew
Artary has nice and patient teachers. The theme for each month is also very interesting and Andre loved every single lesson.
Angela Lee
Parent of Andre Ho
Jade enjoyed her lessons very much when she was at Artary. She was encouraged by friendly teachers and interesting tasks. She started painting on her own at home. Thank you very much for helping Jade gain confidence in her artwork.
Joe Chan
Parent of Jade Chan
My comments are all positive, Zino has really enjoyed his classes. His works we have hanging on his wall and all the family is really impressed with the work coming out of Artary. Thank you for a very good programme.
Jeffrey Thomas
Parent of Benzino Vasu
Thank you Artary or providing such a conducive environment for Wan Sing. Her love for Arts had never been any lesser ever since the day she joined.
Loo Beng Beng
Parent of Lai Wan Sing
YuanJie’s confidence level has improved greatly since attending Artary art classes. He enjoys the classes and is happier, as he has more confidence in art.
Ping Ping
Parent of Ang YuanJie
Awesome pieces of artwork. The artwork prouduced is very creative and using many techniques. The constant feedback by the teachers is very useful too. The flexibility to change class timing is an excellent feature of Artary.
Parent of J.Harini
Jonathan had very positive comments about the programs and we are very pleased. Very good work you are doing encouraging the kids on. Thank you very much!
Eunice Goh
Parent of Jonathan Goh
Jayden Tay really enjoy the session with Artary, every week he went to the studio in high spirit. Its a great environment for him and for me as I do see him feeling stress free.
Jane How
Parent of Jayden Tay
Teachers are warm and friendly and the art lessons are fun and engaging. Ian enjoyed the lessons very much.
Parent of Ian Chua Hsien Yew
Kai-Ing over the past two years has learned many skills and made many friends during her hours spent at Artary. The mentors Kai-Ing has at Artary are always patient and engaging.
Veronica Fong
Parent of Chu Kai-Ing
Luna liked the lesson very much and it worked very well for her to inspire about art with many different way.
Rika Yamagata
Parent of Luna
Really love the parent and child friendly policies and practices such as for rescheduling of classes, etc
Susan Goh
Parent of Christina Goh-Pereira
My boy loves artary very much. Great teacher, Creative, imaginative, various method, various media and endless fun. Just love Artary.
Vonny Herrywati
Parent of Darien Amadeus Lee
Elizabeth has learnt lots of different ways of expressing herself with art and developed a love for it. Her art works is proudly displayed on the walls of our home. Thank you for providing her such joy.
Jasmin Wong
Parent of Elizabeth Tan
Caelyn enjoyed her lessons very much. The artwork and paintings are fantastic. I had and will recommend my friends to the studio.
Amy Goh
Parent of Caelyn Chan
Valencia always look forward to each session. And she thoroughly immersed herself in each crafts she made. She always has lots of stories to tell after every sessions.
Valentine Ng
Parent of Valencia Ng
Artary helped my daughter to learn many kinds of art and paintings. She can do simple art with innovation by her own.
Parent of Gayal
Johan has enjoyed his lessons at your studio. Thank you for always being kind and understanding.
Eugenie Monteiro
Parent of Johan Monteiro
My daughter has been learning a great deal ever since she joined Artary and I have been very happy with her progress.
Subramanian Iyer
Parent of Ambujam Iyer
Andrea has enjoyed her time very much during her art sessions.
June See
Parent of Andrea Phua
Very creative & fun art program for Gautier. He truly enjoyed it.
Sindy Tan
Parent of Gautier Goh
Jovie had improved a lot on her art works. She has more patience with her works. Thanks Artary for the great job. Keep it up!
Jenifer Teo
Parent of Jovie Leow
The teachers were very friendly and approachable. Art resources used were of very good quality and extremely commendable.
Toh Su Chen
Parent of Rainise Chew
Teachers are patient and always guiding with passion for art. My girl enjoys art lessons at Artary.
Jessica Chaw
Parent of Kyna Lim
The teachers are excellent.
Peh Seow Ling
Parent of Chew Jun Heng
Enthia had an enjoyable time at Artary. She learnt a lot of painting and drawing skills. Shown improvements in her art pieces. Great guidance from your teachers. A very big thank you to all Artary Teachers whom have guided Enthia on her learning journey at Artary! Keep up the good work.
Michelle Chan
Parent of Enthia Tan
The weekly feedback given is very good and constructive. It creates awareness of my child’s development.
Koh Hwee Yen
Parent of Brian Teo
The programme is engaging and the art themes are interesting. Keep up the good work!
Alvin Tay
Parent of Timothy Tay
I love your teaching method and my kid loves the teachers here.
Joey Goh
Parent of Gladys Oh
Very interesting and fruitful lessons, Marilyn enjoyed her lessons very much. Great teacher interactions with child.
Parent of Marilyn Chia
Brien enjoyed his time at Artary for the past 2 years. He made many friends and really loved the teachers.
Yvonne Lim
Parent of Brien Tan
The art programme is creative and interesting. I like the idea that the children get to draw different theme of objects. Combining the art and craft and drawing makes the artwork interesting. Teachers are friendly and pleasant.
Chuah Kee Lay
Parent of Charmaine Ho
Smrithi loved the time here in Artary and her techers. I have to say the people around here are very pleasant.
Priya Shankar
Parent of Smrithi
The teachers were always cheerful and welcoming. The program is very structured and organized. Thank you for an invaluable experience for my son.
Ami Iryani Abdul Halil
Parent of Ahmad Ihsan Bin Ahmad Kamal
Ethan loves the work done at the studio and displays them at home. He looks forward to class at Artary.
Tracy Ang
Parent of Ethan Chan
Thank you for guiding Kal-El all these years and we really appreciate how he has strengthen and progress independently. Thank you again to the teachers of Artary. Keep up the good work!
Chris Chew
Parent of Kal-El Chew
Lee-anne enjoyed her art lessons in Artary Parkway very much. Teachers are friendly and encouraging. Classroom settings are appropriate and it gives Lee-anne a ‘free to explore’ feeling whenever she’s there. She has always look forward to her lessons. Teacher and student bonding is great. Teachers constantly provide feedback to parents on the topic learnt. Parents are well informed with child’s progress.
Amy Tan
Parent of Tang Lee-anne
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