Health Advisory

Health Advisory

Leave of Absence

All ARTARY’s teachers are Singapore Citizens or PR who are based locally. Any student or staff who have travelled and returned from Mainland China, shall be strictly required to abide by any Leave of Absence (LOA) or Stay-Home Notice (SHN) imposed.

While ARTARY is not affiliated to MOE, for the purpose of managing the COVID-19, our campuses shall align as closely as practicably possible to MOE and MOH.

Precautionary Measures

Campuses are currently conducting mandatory temperature checking exercises, hands sanitisation for all visitors, and daily regular facilities disinfection. Students and staff will be monitored for any signs of flu-like symptoms. Students who have fever or flu-like symptoms will be sent home immediately.

Students who are requested to be absent due to fever or flu-like symptoms, should reschedule their classes within the 30 Days Rescheduling Window (for Fine Art students only.)

Responsible Civic Duty

The precautionary measures ensures that ARTARY plays our civic duty to help mitigate the potential risks posed by travel, while enabling students and teachers to continue with their usual learning and other activities.

ARTARY will take strict actions against errant staff and students (by undermining the LOA/SHN requirement or withholding ill health condition) by non-negotiable immediate dismissal.
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