Health Advisory

Health Advisory

Rescheduling Window extended to 60 Days
(Updated 20 July 2021)

In order to allow to flexibility of our students to reschedule their classes during COVID-19, the Rescheduling Window has been extended to 60 days. Students can reschedule their classes to another day within 60 days from their original scheduled class date. Please read more on rescheduling your classes.

Strictly no transfer of fees.

Precautionary Measures
(With effect from 20 July 2021)

Campuses are currently conducting measures mandated by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, with specific alignments for tuition and enrichment centres from MOE.

These measures include safe distancing measures of groups not more than 2 students (with at least 1m between groups), mandatory donning of masks, TraceTogether-only check ins, temperature checking exercises, hands sanitisation for all visitors, twice daily regular facilities disinfection and a minimum of 15 mins between classes for disinfection.

Responsible Civic Duty

The precautionary measures ensures that ARTARY plays our civic duty to help mitigate the potential risks posed by travel, while enabling students and teachers to continue with their usual learning and other activities.

ARTARY will take strict actions against errant staff and students (by undermining the LOA/SHN requirement or withholding ill health condition) by non-negotiable immediate dismissal.
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Fine Art
Award-Winning. The Best in Class Fine Art Programme.
Creative Brain Labs
Creativity Training as an Essential part of Whole Brain Development.
Discover & Explore Art through Fun and Play.
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From 11 Oct 2021: All classes will resume in campus.