School Holidays @ ARTARY

June 2019 Summer’s Carnival!

Aye aye there son! Step right up to our “Summer’s Carnival!” Our renowned circus has travelled round the world, and now we are bringing our amazing animals and flying trapeze performers to you!

Wait to be wowed by our talented animal performers, and the never endless laughter of our hilarious clowns! Right now, who has tickets? Your child will experience the joy of arts through diomara sculpture building and puppet making, large portrait painting, and costume dress up!

Energetic Circus Environment

Students will perform in their “Circus Diorama”, complete with a puppet theatre! They will learn to draw circus animals, and understand the basics of structure strength and setup in sculpturing the puppet theatre. Students will also learn to draw and paint themselves in “Me, the Funny Clown!” portrait, spiced with fun and interesting clown costume dress ups!

June 2019 Famous Art Masters

Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school! Learn about the famous art masters and their influence on contemporary art, design and architecture.

World Renowned Artists

Explore the life of Pablo Picasso in his exciting story of rebellion, riches and famous cubism portraits. Step right into the mind of Andy Warhol, the king of Pop Art and who portrayed our obsessions with consumerism and the media into re-inventions of art!

Recount the great works of these famous masters through inspired paintings and brilliant sculptures!

Immensely Stimulating & Fun

Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school!

Our ARTARY+ School Holiday Workshops encourage children to open their eyes to the possibilities in art as they explore their world through drawing, colouring, painting and craft work to develop their creativity and confidence in arts and expression.

Summer’s Carnival! (2 Days)
Circus Diomara & Puppet Theatre
Me, the Funny Clown!
Clown Costume Dress Up!

Famous Art Masters (2 Days)
Pablo Picasso
Vincent van Gogh
Andy Warhol

Each day begins at 11.30am till 4pm. Refreshments served between 1.30 – 2pm.
Subject to change depending on group
Children Between
5 – 12 years old

Artworks will be customised to age.
No prior art experience required.
Summer’s Carnival & Famous Art Masters (4 Days)
S$396 + S$80 (materials & refreshments)

Summer’s Carnival OR Famous Art Masters (2 Days)
S$198 + S$40 (materials & refreshments)

ARTARY students and early bird registrations (payment made 7 days before workshop) will receive an ARTARY voucher worth $20!
Instant Reservations
For reservations on multiple workshops, please submit separate reservations.

Kids Art Jamming

HWAHWAH is an excellent way for kids to stay connected with art. During the school holidays, allow your child to immerse in ideas and opportunities to see your world in new ways through art. Express your creativity, explore new art concepts and perspectives, and allow them to flow onto the canvas.
Buy HWAHWAH Tickets
For children aged 7 to 14 years old. 3 hours per INDEPENDENT & UNGUIDED session. Each child is provided with one 16 x 20″ canvas, unlimited use of paints and tools, with total freedom to create. At least one adult must participate per group of children. By reservations only. No walk-ins.

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