2023 Year-End School Holidays @ ARTARY

Med inArt

Med in Art
23 & 24 Nov ’23, or 7 & 8 Dec ’23

Who says we can’t get creative with science or medicine? From exploring the different visually stunning cells under the microscope to learning the basic anatomy of the human body. Put on your lab coat and join ARTARY’s inventive ways to discover the wonders of “Med in Art” where we use innovative ways to marry art with science!

No medical advice will be provided and no biological or chemical materials will be used. Only classroom art materials will be used.

Cartoons &Superheroes!

Cartoons & Superheroes
30 Nov & 1 Dec ’23, or 14 & 15 Dec ’23

Things are heating up! You will need to lead an elite task force to battle dangerous criminals. Form your team, work with other superheroes, and save the city from the evil. Learn about the famous superheroes and modern cartoon characters and their appearances in contemporary art and design. Explore, experiment and recreate your favourite superhero through stained glass art effects. Finally, step right into your very own imaginative world full of roving Pocket Monsters that have taken Singapore by storm!

IntenselyStimulating & Fun!

Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school!

Our ARTARY+ School Holiday Workshops encourage children to open their eyes to the possibilities in art as they explore their world through drawing, colouring, painting and craft work to develop their creativity and confidence in arts and expression.
Programme Details

  All ARTARY Holiday programmes are suitable for children aged 5 – 12 years old (unless otherwise stated)

Works will be customised to each child’s skill level. No prior art experience required.

Students are required to bring their own refreshments (dry and individually packed with utensils) for a 30 mins meal time in the afternoon.

Med in Art
Choose from 2 runs:
Run 1: 23 & 24 Nov ’23 (11.15am – 4pm)
Run 2: 7 & 8 Dec ’23 (11.15am – 4pm)

Day 1 & 2
Paint Pouring “Cells”
Manifesting Good Vibe Portrait
Superhero Anatomy Sculpture
Psychedelic X-Ray Painting

S$248 + S$50 (materials)
*10% off Early Bird Promo till 31 Oct (S$268.20)

Cartoons & Superheroes!
Choose from 2 runs:
Run 1: 30 Nov & 1 Dec ’23 (11.15am – 4pm)
Run 2: 14 & 15 Dec ’23 (11.15am – 4pm)

Day 1 & 2
Super Picasso Hero Portrait
My Hero on Stained Glass
Pocket Monsters Running Wild!

S$248 + S$50 (materials)
*10% off Early Bird Promo till 31 Oct (S$268.20)

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