2021 September School Holiday @ ARTARY

The Magician’s School!

9 & 10 Sep

Abracadabra! Let us take you into a world of mystery. Challenge your mind and enter into the secret world of magicians that will leave you gasping in wonder. Perform in the “Magician’s Show” as you learn to draw and design stage and trick props, and understand the mechanics of creating a hidden access panel on their painting! Fabricate a magician’s case with papier-mâché, and play artistically created costume dress up! Do you have what it takes to gain admittance into the school of magic?

Immensely Stimulating & Fun

Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school!

Our ARTARY+ School Holiday Workshops encourage children to open their eyes to the possibilities in art as they explore their world through drawing, colouring, painting and craft work to develop their creativity and confidence in arts and expression.
Programme Details

All ARTARY Holiday programmes are suitable for children aged 5 – 12 years old (unless otherwise stated)

Artworks will be customised to each child’s skill level. No prior art experience required.

The Magician’s School
9 & 10 Sep
11.30am – 4pm

Magician’s Case & Dress Up
The Secret Magician’s Access Painting

S$198 + S$30 (materials)

5 – 12 years old only
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