Programmes Schedule for 27 Sep – 10 Oct 2021

Update: 7 October 2021
Dear students and parents,

On 7 October 2021, the authorities have announced the resumption of face-to-face enrichment classes from 11 October 2021 onwards.

From 11 October 2021, all ARTARY campuses and programmes will resume in campus. Please continue to attend your programmes at your regular class timings. All prevailing national Safe Management Measures will be strictly in place to ensure the safety of all in our campuses.

Students who have not completed their October 2021 class reservations should do so via online e-Services:

We look forward to seeing all our students back in campus!

The announcement below was posted on 25 September 2021.
Dear students and parents,

On 24 September 2021, the authorities have introduced a series of new restrictions during the Stabilisation Phase.

Please refer to the revised Programmes Schedule for the period of 27 Sep – 10 Oct 2021.

This page will be continually updated. Please also follow our social media page for the latest information:
ARTARY Fine Art PLAY, ARTARY Fine Art 1, Creative Brain Labs & Super Art
27 Sep – 10 Oct 2021:
  • No HBL. Classes will be suspended
  • Classes will be automatically transferred to 11 Oct 2021 onwards
  • No action required by students and parents. The transfer will be automatically effected by 11 Oct 2021

ARTARY Fine Art 2, 3 & 4
27 Sep – 28 Sep 2021: 29 Sep – 10 Oct 2021: HBL (2 weeks of HBL):
  • Students are required to prepare their materials for HBL. Please refer to the HBL Standard Materials List. Students will be refunded the material fees for each HBL class attended (in credits, to be used on future payments). The credit refund will be made on 31 Oct 2021
  • The class’ Google Meet URL will be made available on online e-Services ( from 29 Sep 2021 onwards, and will also be emailed to students before the class
  • HBL artworks are specifically curated and created for home-based completion, and with materials that can be found at home or around our environment. The classes are also designed to be interactive and engaging through digital means!
  • Artworks that are incomplete and disrupted during this period will be continued when the campus reopens for physical classes
ARTARY Programmes
Fine Art
Award-Winning. The Best in Class Fine Art Programme.
Creative Brain Labs
Creativity Training as an Essential part of Whole Brain Development.
Discover & Explore Art through Fun and Play.
Family-friendly & Social Art Painting & Jamming.
Menu Programmes
From 11 Oct 2021: All classes will resume in campus.