ARTARY Buddy – Digital Learning Companion platform for ARTARY Students

Digital Learning


Our students’ learning experience is at the heart of everything we do. ARTARY Buddy is the state of the art Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Digital Learning Companion platform specially designed to complement ARTARY’s signature Fine Art programmes. Buddy is accessible only within ARTARY campuses, and currently available only for Fine Art 4 students.

Use of Buddy is optional. Classes will be conducted regardless of Buddy use.

Visual & Rich, in Your Hands

ARTARY’s Fine Art curriculum are designed to be more than just art skills. They are meaningfully educational, fun and engaging. This means doing away with dinosaur-age rote learning, and bringing modern, self-paced active learning pedagogy into the classroom. Buddy brings step-by-step visual lesson guides, specially curated engaging rich media content right into the hands of students.
Active Learning

Self-Paced & Student-Initiated

With Buddy, students are truly in the best of many worlds; A curriculum that achieves the right balance between essential training and individual expression, delivered through structured and disciplined creative and art training from our mentors, married with Buddy, the learning companion that encourages self-paced and student-initiated active learning.

Permission for Use In Class

Buddy is accessible only in ARTARY’s campuses, through the campus’ free WiFi. When students bring their own tablet device, it is implied that they have obtained permission from parents to use Buddy. Students are only allowed to use Buddy on their devices in class, and disallowed for other purposes. Students agree to indemnify ARTARY against all losses, damages or expenses relating to the usage of own devices in campus.
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