Art Starts

Some children have never set foot in an art studio in their childhood years or be intrigued by life-changing art experiences.

We know that early engagement with art has a positive impact in children: improving communication skills, improving fine motor skills, increasing confidence, unlocking creativity, and personal development. We champion the power of the arts to transform lives and strive towards a future that allow all children in Singapore the opportunity to engage in art.

The Art Starts Programme is established to engage with children in Singapore who do not receive the privilege to high-quality art exposure due to social or economic barriers. Art is our main platform to inspire and foster emotional, personal and social development amongst these children.

We believe that every child has a dream, and we want to help make those dreams come true.

(Above: Art Starts Programme covered by Singapore Chinese newspaper, 联合早报. Article has been translated to English for non-Chinese readers.)

The Art Starts Programme is a fully sponsored programme. Currently, Artary runs the programme and sponsors all beneficiaries independently. The programme is completely free for accepted students. We are committed in making it possible for deserving children to achieve their potential. The programme provides professional, sustained mentoring for children age 5 to 14 through our ARTARY Fine Art programmes. It is also about giving a magical touch in our children’s lives by providing inspiration to help their imaginations soar!

We welcome children who love art to come, and to be immersed in the art that they forget about all their troubles. We want children to engage in art in a way that makes them feel happy and free again.

The Art Starts Programme does not choose or designate the children and families we serve. We serve where the need is greatest and to students where we feel our programmes will have the most impact. We connect with children through existing social organisations and agencies, which include family services centres, children residential facilities, welfare organisations or public schools.

The criteria for accepting students into the Art Starts Programme are: Every accepted student will enrol into a suitable ARTARY Fine Art programme for a three-month rolling period.

To apply to be part of the programme, students must provide documentation of being a beneficiary in one of the financial assistance schemes stated above, together with a recognition in art talent from the school principal. Write to us.

If you are a welfare organisation representative who wish to collaborate with Artary, please write to us.

Artary reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant into the Art Starts programme.
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