Artary’s children art programmes consists of exquisite artworks, interaction projects, songs & games, imagination workouts,http and many more activities specially designed to provide the best art experience for every child.

Our carefully crafted artsheets are designed to summarise, simplify and provide targeted practices towards the mastery of many art skills and concepts.

Parents may be delighted to find several of our popular artsheets available for personal use on this page. Feel free to use them during your home education hours, or for revisions. No commercial use or republication allowed.

Catch the Fly!

Fine motor, 3.5 – 5 years old Tell the story of the pesky kitchen fly, and the havoc it wrecks when it lands on food! Start from the edge of the paper, cut along the dots to catch the fly! Download

Save the Fly!

Fine motor, 3.5 – 5 years old The tables are turned! The poor fly is stuck in the spider’s evil web. Start from the edge of the paper, cut along the web to save the fly. Careful, do not wake the spider up! Download

Toon Faces

Imagination workout, 5 – 8 years old How many types of eyes do you have? Can you see more with bigger eyes? Use the features banks, and doodle your own cartoon face! Download

Creativity ‘O’

Imagination workout, 8 – 12 years old You wake up one day, only to realise your world is now made up ‘o’s! Can you create your new world from these ‘o’s? Be creative! Download

Rocket Engineer!

Shapes revision, 5 – 8 years old Contest time! Use the shapes provided to create a rocket. Battle your wits against siblings or friends to score the most points! Download
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