Art Gyms

Artary’s children art programmes employ a three-prong approach to provide a systematic art learning curriculum. Apart from creativity building components, art making and creation, students will also undergo regular skills acquisition and mastery through our carefully developed suite of Art Gyms.

Art Gyms are specially designed to allow students to acquire and master the required art skills and techniques, in a regular, consistent, and structured manner. Students receive directed art training during their art sessions through Art Gyms that are suited to their capabilities.

Parents may be delighted to find several of our popular Art Gyms available for personal use on this page. Feel free to use them during your home education hours, or for revisions. No commercial use or republication allowed.

Polka Dots

Art Explorers, L4 Observe and identify polka dot sequences and patterns. Use circles to complete polka dot sets. The more circles you draw, the more complex the pattern will appear. Stay focused, and press on! Download


Art Preparatory, L6 Practice drawing bends by carefully plotting paths and avoiding obstacles. As the obstacles get closer, the spaces gets tighter! Learn to form loops, and identify common objects with multi-bends. Download

Concentric Circles

Art Explorers, L4 Concentric patterns share the same centre. Practice drawing concentric circles by completing the pattern within sections, and repeat until constant widths can be achieved. For a greater challenge, draw concentric hearts. Download
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