Living Picasso Masterpiece

Living Picasso Masterpiece, 2019
Chelsea Chen, 5 years old.
Face Painting & Acrylic on Cardboard. 16″ x 20″.
Chelsea’s “Living Picasso Masterpiece” art piece is part of the “Famous Art Masters” series.
This art piece was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s 1932 work, “Girl before a Mirror.” On one side, Chelsea presents herself in front of the mirror, starring into her future self, a rough blurry portrait of blue moods, distorted by dark wavy lines.
Like Picasso, Chelsea’s bold use of colours draws attention to the beautiful patterned walls at the back of the room, to show the intense emotions when peering into one’s self.
Chelsea complements her living masterpiece with another fun painting, and right on her face! Her face painting, consists of a side profile and full frontal, illustrates the different personalities within.
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