Art Prism

The Art Prism Programme is a full art developmental programme to develop and nurture a child’s art abilities and talents during their early years. Children will undergo the full suite of Artary’s specially designed art training programmes throughout their growing up years, focused on helping every child acquire and master the essential art skills and concepts. The Art Prism Programme is the first of its kind art development programme aimed to accompany a child’s learning journey from as early as 4 years old, right up to teenage years.

Every Art Prism student will be paired with a supervising mentor, who will monitor the progress and provide close guidance through the programme. The supervising mentor will also work closely with the teaching mentors to ensure that the best direct learning for every Art Prism student.

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Students may begin on the Art Prism Programme can begin from as early as 3.5 years old. At this age, students will begin with the Art Explorers curriculum, designed to provide joy and experiential learning in a fun and stimulating environment. We approach art learning with these very young learners through carefully selected cartoons, songs, pictures, and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to the children’s interest and suit their short concentration spans.

From 5 years old onwards, students will move onto the Art Preparatory curriculum. The focus of this phase is to develop the children’s basics and principles of art, drawing and painting with basic media. The programme is designed to nurture a foundation of love for art, by engaging the children’s interest in drawing and colouring the familiar world around them with an entirely refreshing perspective. Specially selected themes are designed to be springboards for developing their creativity, patience and observation skills.

From 8 years old onwards, students will begin to take on the challenge from the Art Experience curriculum. Students will develop a solid foundation in art, and building upon the every child’s art exposure and vocabulary, to develop proficient drawing and painting skills, and at the same time enticing them to express their individual creativity, attitude and emotions in through their art works. The programme also allows the children to experience a multitude of art styles, including famous classic and modern artists.


To find out more about the Art Prism programme, please fill up the form below, and we will contact you with more information. Due to the volume of enquiries, please allow up to two working days for us to reply.

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