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Q1: How is Artary different?

Artary focuses on providing a wide exposure of age-appropriate art, with concentration on aspects of art making: drawing, colouring, painting and sculpturing. Groups are very small, and interaction between mentors and peers are core to the experience. Students undergo exciting themes every month, specially designed to increase awareness and knowledge of the world around us. Children love our exquisitely designed art programmes, and adults love our warm and personal relationships. Our children art programmes are designed to deliver a holistic, disciplined, and engaging art learning experience.

Q2: Did my child complete the work independently? That does not seem to be her standard at home.

Students are expected to complete their works independently. The programmes are structured such that the required skill levels are higher than what the students can achieve. The programmes are designed to allow students to acquire and master the required skills during sessions. Throughout the session, mentors will provide constant and dedicated supervision, guidance and encouragement, something which may not be present when at home or in their schools. For each stroke that you see, there have been numerous prior amendments! In situations where students are unable to display the required skills, mentors are required to demonstrate and assist alongside students. Appropriate and adequate assistance has proven to be beneficial for students:
  • Demonstration of required skills, so that students recognises and understands the expectations
  • Heighten expectations of the students, so that students become accustomed to a high standards of art
  • Artwork must be completed every time, to build up students’ stamina, and so that students can still understand the intended art piece for future practices
Mentors abides by the following rules when demonstrating or assisting:
  • Use size guides, stencils or dotted lines for assistance
  • May assist to complete a task, only if the time permitted for the task is over
To accurately represent every students’ progress and skill level, mentors will feedback whenever assistance was provided.

Through practices, students will improve, and eventually be able to complete majority of their tasks independently.

Q3: Why is there a $100 refundable deposit? Why is there a 30 days withdrawal notice requirement?

Art is an unique activity which requires specialised materials every session. Every week, students take on different learning objectives and utilise a wide variety of specialised materials prepared for the best learning experience. Programmes are automatically renewed for students each month, unless students have provided withdrawal notice. The campus purchases and prepares the required materials for upcoming programmes well in advance, often up to thirty (30) days before students sit for the artwork.

The $100 refundable deposit discourages sudden withdrawals, which will result in wastage of prepared materials. The withdrawal notice requirement provides the campus with sufficient notice so that materials provision can be stopped without any wastage. The deposit is also a generally accepted practice to recover towards intentional facility or equipment damages caused by the student.

New admissions from 20 Oct 2017: No deposits will be collected. This section will not apply.

Q4: When will my child progress to the next programme/level?

Students will, in general, progress between levels according to the recommended age of the levels. Students who reach the upper age limit of their level, and have demonstrated good mastery of the required skills, will be arranged to advance to the next level. Students who are due for advancement based on age, but have not demonstrated the required mastery of skills, will be recommended to remain in their current level for three (3) more months, before advancing to the next level.

Every students’ expected advancement date is stated on the online e-Services portal.

Q5: What happens if I cannot attend a session? Can I reschedule?

Artary has a very flexible rescheduling policy. If your child cannot make it for their scheduled session, you may reschedule to other available sessions within the same calendar week, since the week’s artwork will not be revisited once the week is over.

Reschedule Example

Alicia’s regular session is on Saturday Session 2 (10.45am). She needs to reschedule her session on Week 8 as she has a school performance on Saturday morning. Alicia may log into the online e-Services Portal to view the list of available sessions to reschedule to in Week 8. An example of the available sessions are shown in the table below.

Alicia may reschedule to a session that is held as early as Tuesday, or as late as Sunday, within Week 8.

Week 8 Artwork: Pirates Ahoy!

Alicia’s original session      Available for reschedule

Reschedule Policy: Reschedule within the same calendar week to reschedule within the same programme and artwork. Otherwise, reschedule within 30 days Rescheduling Window in a different programme (2 classes in a week, 1 originally scheduled programme, and 1 rescheduled in another programme.)

Students may arrange for reschedules through the online e-Services Portal:

Q6: My child’s week is very busy, and the only time he can attend class is on Saturday 9am. It is not possible to find another time to reschedule his class!

To provide students with great flexibility in rescheduling their sessions, our programmes run regularly from Monday mornings to Sunday evenings. Students may also switch to a more suitable timing in the coming months.

Q7: We will be overseas for a month. What is the procedure to skip a month?

Please contact us to suspend your programme immediately. Your seat reservation will be removed. As this arrangement is temporary, no deposits will be refunded at this point. The deposits will be reinstated when you resume the programme at any time.

Suspended enrolments which are not reinstated within 90 days will automatically be withdrawn.

Q8: How do I withdraw from the programme?

If a deposit has been placed, to facilitate the return of the deposit, students are required to provide at least 30 days notice, and have attended at least 75% of the sessions.

If no deposits have been placed, students may withdraw the programme at anytime.

Students may arrange for withdrawal through the online e-Services Portal:

Q9: Is there a disciplinary policy?

We committed to ensure that every student is able to spend meaningful time, and enjoy the best art experience in the campus. Every student is expected to participate and respond appropriately in a small group setting. This is to preserve a good learning environment for each and every student. As such, we have a “time out” policy which will be implement for students who appear to be disrupting the session or peers. We may “time out” students as often as required, until the student is able to respond appropriately during the session. Common scenarios where students will be be given “time out” are:
  • Running about the room
  • Shouting
  • Playing with art tools
  • Disturbing peers
The “time out” procedure is as such:
  1. Student will temporarily leave the session
  2. Student will be rested on a chair, either in an unused art room, or in the office
  3. Student will receive at least 5 mins of quiet time

Q10: What payment modes are accepted?

Artary is committed to delivering an excellent art education to our students. To ensure that students and parents have absolute trust in our teaching professionals, all teaching staff are not allowed to process any form of payments for students, or advise on financial matters. For the convenience of our students, we have put in a place an efficient and effective self-service payment systems through:
  • e-Services online, 24/7, self-checkout internet-banking facilities
  • e-Services in-campus self-checkout systems through NETS and cheque

Q11: What are the backgrounds of the teachers?

To maintain a high standard of domain knowledge and relevancy, all teachers possess at least a diploma in Arts, Design or related fields. To cater to the strong demand for our programmes over the weekends, the campuses are supported by both full-time and freelance teachers. We have a simple but stringent recruitment criteria for our freelance teachers:
  • Ability to ace our in-house pre-employment art assessment
  • Absolute love and care for children
Our campus is committed to providing dedicated attention to every student, with 1 teacher to 4 or 5 students. In popular timings, this ratio is further lowered to an effective 1 teacher to 3 students, providing even more attention to every student.

We are an equal opportunity employer for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents. We value talent regardless of gender, age, race or religion.

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