Artworks Policy

Artworks Policy

This is an important policy document.

ARTARY’s programmes, themes and artworks are specially designed to achieve progressive skills mastery. Many artworks are handled daily in our campuses, and our students’ artworks are very important to us. A high standard of handling artworks is required in our campuses.

Students automatically consent to the Artworks Policy from trial class, and onwards to enrolment.

Alternative Artworks

In unforeseen circumstances, scheduled artworks may be replaced with other artworks in the same programme. Learning objectives, skill level, artworks size, duration and other characteristics of the artwork may differ.

Return of Artworks

Students are required to bring home their artworks (partial or completed) weekly. Strictly no student artworks are allowed to be stored in campus unless specified as part of the lesson.

If students need to purchase a new ARTARY Case, please approach our staff.

Discard of Uncollected Artworks

Strictly no keeping of students’ artworks in campus. Uncollected artworks in the campus will be discarded four (4) weeks after the end of the artwork. There will be no reminders issued to uncollected artworks.

Multi-week Artworks

Students should return to campus with their artworks to complete multi-week artworks. Students returning without artworks will be assigned to complete a customised artwork that may be of different learning objectives, artwork size, and other characteristics.

Missed Artworks

Artworks will not be revisited when missed. Students who miss classes (due to non-attendance, or medical absence etc.) may end up with incomplete artworks.
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