Ethical Art Education

In business, success is most often measured by numbers. Enrolment. Revenues. Profits. For Artary, these metrics are important indications of how we are growing our brand and creating value our customers.

But equally important, are the values we live by.

We’ve been building a company with a conscience for more than four decades, intent on the fair and humane treatment of our people as well as the communities where we do business, and the global environment we all share. Standing for something beyond making a profit the right thing to do, it is the way business must be conducted in the 21st century. Only by doing business through the lens of humanity can an organization establish a crucial reservoir of trust with its people and its customers. At Artary, it is a trust we must earn every day.

Our success is determined our students’ success. Ensuring that every student benefits from our art programmes ensure our long-term sustainability. It is in our deepest interest to ensure that our students are the heaviest beneficiaries in this relationship.

Only Qualified Mentors

Our committment to our customers go beyond building a quality art programme and a safe learning environment. We ensure that all mentors have attained a relevant academic or professional qualification before being accepted as a part of our mentor team. Even so, the mentors undergo on the job training, and periodic skills upgrading to ensure relevancy and premium teaching quality.

Age Appropriate Art Training

We do not train children beyond their expected skill set.

Learning Objectives of the Artwork

The focus of each session is carefully thought out, and realistically implemented. We encourage students to explore.

Student’s Only Artwork

We believe in honesty. If a student is of a particular level, and more training is required to improve the proficiency level, we will advise the parent accordingly. Only the student will be able to work on their own artwork. Any guidance provided is as a form of encouragement, and not for sake of aesthetics.

Every week, hundreds of students come by the doors of Artary. Our experience with such high numbers of students allow us to know what is expected of a student.

Reasonable Payment Terms

Pay only for the sessions you attend, with reasonable rescheduling policies that benefit the students. We do not collect payments by terms, which are unfair.
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