Work Uniform (WorkU) for Teaching Staff

Objectives of WorkU

  • Projects an image of professionalism and identify of the company & campus
  • Warm but comfortable to wear in an air-conditioned environment
  • Stretchable to wear to perform daily tasks
  • Ability for students and parents to distinguish the different roles of staff in the campus


Image 1 (above): For full-time teachers

Image 2 (above): For freelance teachers

Complementary Lower Body Wear

The following will be allowed to be paired with the WorkU:
  • Feet length unfaded, uncut, untorn pants or denim jeans
  • Skirts covering the knee
  • Covered shoes must be worn with the WorkU. No slippers, sandals or any other open toed footwear allowed.

Wearing the new WorkU

  • The inner long sleeve t-shirt should be worn snuggly, and not baggy. The outer short sleeve t-shirt should be worn comfortably, and not baggy. The WorkU should be worn tucked out. Staff who have opted to be issued with oversized or baggy sizes will be asked to receive another adequately fitted WorkU at their own cost
  • To be worn at ALL times when in campus
  • The WorkU MUST NOT be worn outside the campus except during meal times within working hours
  • The WorkU MUST NOT be worn to-and-fro home and campus

Reimbursement of WorkU

To encourage staff to care and protect their WorkU, every staff will be required to buy their WorkU. However, upon termination of employment or contract, staff can receive a FULL reimbursement of the cost of WorkU upon return, subject to the following terms:
  1. If returned within seven (7) days from the last attended assignment
  2. If there are no deliberate defacement or dirtying of uniform (e.g. Intentional cuts or tears, long paint strokes or large paint blobs on/across the uniform/company logo etc.)
ARTARY’s management shall have the final decision regarding the condition and reimbursement of the WorkU.
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