Mood Portrait

Mood Portrait, 2019
Irwyn Ng, 5 years old.
Charcoal, Oil Pastel & Poster Paint on Paper. 16″ x 20″.
Irwyn’s “Mood Portrait” art piece is part of the “Expressionism” series.
This art piece was inspired by Alexej von Jawlensky’s 1913 (est) work, “Frauenkopf (Head of a Woman)”. The artist proclaimed of his iconic work: “Human faces are for me only suggestions to see something else in them – the life of colour, seized with a lover’s passion.”
The art piece began with a carbon transfer process, using a photo image, charcoal and paper. Irwyn studied a mood-colour chart, where emotions were depicted as colours in various intensities.
The facial form was then simplified and styled as cubism would. Irwyn filled these spaces with intense and brilliant colouring that personifies his unique artistic expressions and moods at the time of work. Irwyn completes the art piece with wild colouration and expressive brushwork in poster paint.
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