Blooming Peony

Bloomy Peony, 2019
Zhang Jintian, 8 years old.
Chinese Ink on Painting Rice Paper. 16″ x 20″.
Jintian’s “Blooming Peony” art piece is part of the “Amazing Asia!” series.
The peony flower (牧丹花), widely known as “King of the Flowers”, is a symbol of royalty, wealth and honour. Pink peonies embody a romantic elegant, and rich prosperity with their luscious and full bloom.
Jintian’s peonies are charmingly vigorous. The blooms are young, with the buds are playfully depicted in the shape of hearts. The colours on the leaves demonstrate patient control of Chinese brushes and inks. The peony stems that support the blooms are bold and strong. Present, yet not stealing the limelight from the beautiful blooms.
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