Staff No-Show

No-Show Procedure:
  1. No-Show is taken very seriously. Unreported or last minute No-Show are considered highly irresponsible acts, and will be severely penalised.
  2. Submit a No-Show notice AT LEAST 12 HOURS BEFORE FIRST ASSIGNMENT OF THE DAY so that alternative arrangements can be made. Your notice will be emailed to campus, Duty Staff, BOSS and CC-ed to you.
  3. To waive No-Show penalty: No-Show notice must be provided AT LEAST 12 HOURS BEFORE FIRST ASSIGNMENT OF THE DAY AND medical certificate dated same day as assignment must be submitted as email attachment within 72 hours of the assignment.
No-Show Example:
  • If your assignment is on Saturday 9am, please submit No-Show BEFORE Friday 9pm
  • If your assignment is on Sunday 4pm, please submit No-Show BEFORE Sunday 4am
Layman explanation: It is natural to fall ill. But if you do not provide sufficient notice so that the campus has time to find your replacement, you will be penalised REGARDLESS WHETHER YOU CAN PRESENT A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE..

No-Show penalty of $35.00 applies PER SESSION. Only notices received from this form will be considered. No-Show penalties will be enforced strictly.

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