Art Mentorship

Artary’s Art Mentorship Programme focuses on developing talented children and youths in arts. Children in the Art Preparatory and Experience Programmes with exceptional creativity and talent in arts are selected to participate in the Art Mentorship programme. They are exposed to even more art forms, and will experience the process of creating exquisite, multi-week, mega works.

Mentees will take on recommended projects suited to their capabilities. Each mentee progress at their pace, focusing on perfecting techniques, individual exploration and the joy of art. Our art mentors provide the expertise and guide the process every step of the way.

Through the Art Mentorship, every mentee will discover and develop their own direction in art. This journey allows self discovery, imagination building and perfection of skills.

Participation of the Art Mentorship Programme for existing children is by invitation only. Interested individuals who are non members of the studio may request for an acceptance appointment.
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