File a Case: Critical Feedback & Issue Escalation

Your child’s education is our priority.

Good day. I’m Yiling, Principal, ARTARY.

I’ve created this channel specifically for you to reach the management directly. If you have a critical feedback that requires our attention, please get in touch with me.

If we have fallen short of your expectations, and you would like for your issue to be escalated, please also use this channel to reach me.

No country, ministry or organisation is infallible. If unfortunately processes and policies fail, faults may occur. Once I’ve received your feedback, I will conduct a comprehensive investigation, so that your concerns can be correctly and fairly addressed. You have my assurance that all issues will be resolved in the best interest of our students. We ask for your patience and understanding.

I vet all feedback received here personally. In some cases, my team may then correspond with you directly if that is the best arrangement. Feedback will be handled according to priority, and if an investigation is required, some time may be required.

Go to e-Services: File a Case
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