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Every week, hundreds of students come through the doors of Artary to participate in the best art experience.

Children love our exquisitely designed art programmes, and adults love our warm and personal relationships. Our children art programmes are designed to deliver a holistic, disciplined, and engaging art learning experience.

Your child has just made the first step on the art journey. We have much more lined up ahead!

The best art experience

Your child will undergo exciting new themes every month that are crafted to tickle and jolt the inner creativity and imagination. Our interactive art experience are enhanced with games, rich-media and songs, which aim to greatly enhance the mastery of skills and concepts. Your child will undergo distinct training in creativity development, skills mastery and art making.

Progressive training

Artary’s best art experience is delivered through progressive levels of skill training. Students are exposed to age-appropriate art skills, and a wide array of art themes and styles, as well as creativity exercises that are suitable for their current development. Your child will feel challenged and proud of each and every artwork.

Your child’s favourite art experience

We focus on creating your child’s favourite art experience. From the moment of enrollment, we begin to build strong relationships between mentors and your child, to maximise every learning opportunity with loads of fun! We will celebrate your child’s birthdays and shared moments, leaving many beautiful memories in the growing years.

Flexible rescheduling policies

We understand the busy schedules of the modern Singaporean family. If your child cannot make it for their scheduled session, your child can reschedule to other available sessions within the same week. There are no complicated or lengthy lock-in payment terms, as programme renewal fees are made monthly.

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