Artary Specials

Exclusive line-up of art events for our students

Artary Specials is an exclusive line-up of events that celebrate childrens’ art with a myriad of art experiences including refreshing social art games+activities, exciting photography and outdoor painting sessions, design-based interactions, and enriching family art jamming days.

These celebratory events will enable students to experience art as never before available in their schools. Artary Specials are a valuable opportunity for all members of the Artary family to interact and integrate.

Key Specials

Artary Specials are held once quarterly, and timed to coincide with the regular programme. Instead of the weekly art sessions, students will participate in Artary Specials. No sign ups required.

Art Games Week
Art Games Week welcomes all competitive and leisure young artists to participate in the annual Art Games Week, promised to be fun, enriching and relaxing for all participants! The Week features famous and well-known games such as Pictionary Man, Bingo, and other exclusive Artary’s bespoke games. Students will pit their art skills to compete for the coveted title prizes for the week!

Photo Walk
Photo Walk is a fantastic opportunity for children to begin exploring with photography. Participants will go on a walking tour in the neighbourhood under the close guidance of teachers. During the tour, students will experiment and practice age-appropriate practical photography techniques. See and admire the world through the unique and creative lenses of your child.

Family Week
Let’s bring art alive for the family! Look, listen, explore and make exciting art during Family Week! All artworks are designed to be completed by students with participation from their adult companions, and promises to leave not only beautiful and commemorative artworks, but also cherished and wonderful moments spent together!

Design Week
Design Week brings students together for free and uninhibited exchange of ideas and talents, to foster growth and development of creativity in the realm of art and product design. Students will gain a deeper appreciation for the art behind design, quality and innovative products, through a design exercise that brings them from idea conception to prototyping!

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