Special Membership Benefits

Stand to benefit even more if you are part of our privileged partner organisations.

Special Membership Benefits Enrolment Procedure

Students will enrol into ARTARY first. For students who have eligible Special Membership benefits may follow the following procedure:
  1. Submit Special Membership application on: e-Services online
  2. Attach Special Membership documents to your application for verification
  3. Upon verification of your Special Membership documents, your membership benefits will be activated and applicable from the next payment onwards. No back-dating of benefits.
Special Membership benefits apply only to regular programme fees, and are not applicable to other fees (e.g. Student Essentials Kit payments, ARTARY+ workshops, ARTARY Cases etc.)

Special Membership Documentation Guidelines

To ensure that your membership benefits are verified as soon as possible, please refer to the guidelines below on submission of membership documentation. We reserve the right to decline any membership benefits if the documents are not in order, or at any time.


SAFRA Membership

Applicable to: ARTARY Punggol Junior Campus


Students 5 years old and above: SAFRA Membership Card: Student’s name must be stated on Membership Card (either as Ordinary Member or Dependent). Membership Card stating parent’s name will not be accepted.

Students below 5 years old: SAFRA Membership Card: Parent’s name must be stated on Membership Card (either as Ordinary Member or Dependent). Parent’s name must be registered as student’s NOK in ARTARY’s student systems.
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