PT Mentor Training

PT Mentors are required to attend training sessions in order to be equipped with the necessary skills. Mentors will be invited to complete all training sessions as early as possible.

Mentors may sign up for any training session. Mentors who reject invitations to training more than twice will indicate a lack of commitment to the position, and will be removed from the position as early as possible.

There are a total of 4 training sessions. Mentors will be paid for each of the 1.5 hour training session. Maximum of 8 training participants per session.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Training SessionDateLocation
Session Conduct 127th November 2014Artary Kovan
Skills 127th November 2014Artary Parkway
Skills 111th December 2014Artary Kovan
Session Conduct 111th December 2014Artary Parkway
Session Conduct 218th December 2014Artary Kovan
Skills 218th December 2014Artary Parkway
Skills 28th January 2015Artary Kovan
Session Conduct 28th January 2015Artary Parkway
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