October 2014: Removal of Session Opt-out Option

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October 2014: Removal of Session Opt-out Option

This announcement is intended to inform parents and students of an incoming implementation. No action is required.

Discipline and practice is core to every student’s learning. Every week, students undergo suites of customised artworks, projects and other in-class activities, specially crafted to allow essential exposure to artworks and styles, undergo skill practices and technique exercises to a required frequency and duration, and participate in activities that will consolidate and reinforce the core concepts and skills in the programme.

Students will be expected to attend all available sessions.

Having attended all the sessions in the programmes ensures that your child will be equipped with the required art knowledge, skills and trainings required of their age.

Optional Weeks: Public & School Holidays

Public and school holidays are peak periods for travel, and attending sessions may be challenging. The studio will continue to provide students the flexibility to opt-out on sessions which coincide with school holidays, seasonal and festive events or special occasions.

Specifically, students will be able to opt-out of sessions occurring during all public holidays, long weekends and extended school holidays (March, June, September & December holidays).

Students are highly encouraged to continue attending all available sessions, but may opt-out if the holiday schedule does not permit attendance.

Parents and students will also be informed of the available optional sessions when making renewal payments over the Self-Service Station or online Self-Service Portal. Students who opt-out of sessions will pay prorated fees for the month.

Please refer to the table below for the available optional weeks in 2014.

October 20144029 Sep – 5 OctHari Raya Haji week
4320 – 26 OctDeepavali week
November 20144610 – 16 NovDecember School Holidays
4717 – 23 Nov
4824 – 30 Nov
December 2014491 – 7 Dec
508 – 14 Dec
5115 – 21 Dec
5222 – 28 Dec
January 2015129 Dec – 4 Jan

The Artary Calendar tables the optional weeks. The calendar can be found at http://artary.sg/kids/calendar/

Rescheduling Policy

Students may reschedule their art sessions to another session within the same calendar week, subject to availability. For your convenience, you can reschedule sessions on the online Self-Service Portal: http://me.artary.sg/

In circumstances where rescheduling to another session is impossible, please contact the studio directly for considerations on a case-by-case basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child is attending a party/performance/event and cannot attend the regular session on Saturday, what should I do?
A: Contact the studio as early as possible to reschedule the session to another available timing in the same calendar week. If the session is optional, students may opt to omit this session during the monthly programme renewal. For the list of optional sessions, please visit the Artary Calendar.

Q: If I cannot reschedule within the same calendar, can I reschedule to another calendar week instead?
A: Art is a unique activity which requires specialised materials every session. Every week, students take on different learning objectives and utilise materials specially prepared for the best learning experience. Rescheduling of sessions to other calendar weeks would mean wastage of prepared materials, and taking on a different set of learning objectives, deviating from the original. For the benefit of students, reschedules may only be arranged within the same calendar week.

Q: My child’s week is very busy, and the only time he can attend class is on Saturday 9am. It is not possible to find another time to reschedule his class!
A: To provide students with great flexibility in rescheduling their sessions, our programmes run regularly from Tuesday mornings to Sunday evenings. Due to the upcoming year-end school holidays, students will still have the option to opt-out from majority of the sessions until the end of 2014. This will allow parents and students even more time to adjust their schedule. Students may also switch to a more suitable timing in the coming months.

Q: My child is attending international school, and does not follow Singapore’s school holiday schedule. Can we make special arrangements with the studio around my child’s school holiday schedule?
A: Students attending international schools may find the optional weeks schedule different from their school’s holiday schedule. Please approach the studio directly before renewal of your programme, so that we can make special arrangements for your optional weeks to coincide with your child’s school holiday schedule.


If you have any queries regarding this announcement, please do not hesitate to contact us, or approach the Shift Supervisor in the studio.
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