ARTARY Live! – Online Live e-Learning Art Classes for Children

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Real-time, Online e-Learning.

ARTARY Live! delivers the best live e-learning children’s art experience, bringing essential art skills, creativity training and the exciting world of art knowledge right to students at home and home schoolers. Every class is filled with heaps of art-filled activities and a wide range of media to foster creativity.

Bringing the world of art into your home.
Real-time, live online classes conducted through the internet to you at home, with art materials shipped to you. It’s always the perfect time & place.

Familiar,High Quality Experience

Familiar, High Quality Experience

ARTARY Live! delivers Award-Winning curriculum through small group coaching conducted entirely over online video conference calls. Lessons are delivered by the same qualified ARTARY educators with immense classroom experience, in the same lesson format and objectives as classes held in-campus.

Familiar, Trusted Arts Programme.

CompanionArtboxes.Ready-made Learning.

Companion Artboxes. Ready-made Learning.

ARTARY Live! classes are specially designed with the modern student in mind, delivering broad-based and progressive training to allow students to acquire, master and build a strong foundation with the required art skill sets and techniques. Every Live! class is supported by a Companion Artbox, shipped directly to your home.

Focus on your art. We’ll take care of everything else.

5 – 7 years old
75 mins per class
1 class per week

8 – 10 years old
75 – 90 mins per class
1 class per week

11 – 14 years old
Coming soon.

Home Studio Requirements

To fully benefit from ARTARY Live! classes, students are must prepare their workspace for conducive learning. Items listed below will not be included in Companion Artboxes. The following requirements are mandatory for every home studio.

  • Adult-accompanied
    (if 7 years and below)
  • Laptop/tablet
    (10″ or larger)
  • Zoom app
    (installed & account setup)
  • High-speed internet connectivity
    (300Mbps or faster)
  • Safe & neat workspace
    (Quiet 1-on-1 environment)
  • Child-safe cutting tools
    (scissors, pen-knife, etc.)
  • School-type drawing tools
    (pencils, sharpeners, drawing markers, etc.)
  • School-type colouring materials
    (colour pencils, crayons & coloured markers)
  • Simple washing tools
    (cups for paints, pail to wash brushes)

Further Enquiries
Due to the high volume of enquiries, we are not answering phone enquiries on our programmes. Please use the contact form, and we will get in touch with you within three (3) working days.

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Q: What is the difference between ARTARY Fine Art & ARTARY Live! programme suites?
ARTARY Fine Art & ARTARY Live! programme suites share many similarities: Structured creativity training through our Award-winning art programmes, mentored by academically-qualified and experienced teachers, through the use of bespoke art materials during the art creation process.

However, ARTARY Live! artworks and its accompanying educational objectives and complexity are further customised for students at home. Artworks are also designed to be completed on a weekly basis, i.e. one artwork a week.
Q: I am an enrolled student in ARTARY Fine Art. Can I also register for ARTARY Live! classes?
Yes! ARTARY Fine Art students can also enrol into ARTARY Live! classes, and participate in either or both programmes.

However, any paid or unused payments or classes are not transferrable between ARTARY Fine Art and ARTARY Live! classes.
Q: Can I participate in ARTARY Live! with my own art materials at home?
Yes! Every ARTARY Live! class is designed to systematically train and achieve the required education and training objectives, but students may also opt to use additional materials at home.

However, ARTARY will continue to provide the class’ Companion Artbox, shipped to the student’s home, so that students can continue to follow the planned objectives of the class.
Q: What happens if I missed my scheduled ARTARY Live! class?
Students would have received the class’ Companion Artbox.

Students may reschedule to another available ARTARY Live! class within the same calendar week. Otherwise, students will be able to access a video recording of the missed class, and complete the artwork independently.
Q: What is in the Companion Artbox?
Companion Artboxes will contain all required learning materials and bespoke art materials for the class. This includes physical copies of artwork samples, lesson visual aids, worksheets and exercises. Paints required for the artwork, such as poster paints or acrylic paints will also be included.

Specialised materials for the artwork, such as fabrics, hard papers or cardboards, plastic or metal sheets, wires, sticks, sculpture tools & materials, and other craft objects and embellishments will be part of the Companion Artbox.

For every ARTARY Live! class, students will utilise materials from the Home Studio Requirements (prepared by student at home) and the Companion Artbox (delivered by ARTARY).
Q: When will I receive the Companion Artbox for my class?
Companion Artboxes are designed to arrive at least 2 days before the scheduled ARTARY Live! class.
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