June '12 Holidays Art Jam!

* The June ’12 Holidays Art Jam! has completed! Stay tuned for the upcoming Art Jam! in December ’12! *
Your child will be delighted to join our June Holidays Art Jams, full of enjoyable, educational and artistic experiences. Join us on our fun-filled two days art holiday programme sessions that are immensely stimulating and fun!
Let your child discover and explore art through fun and play, and enjoy a whole range of stimulating art activities that they don’t ever experience back in school! Our Art Jam sessions encourage children to open their eyes to the possibilities in art as they explore their world through drawing, colouring, painting and craft work to develop their creativity and confidence in arts and expression.
Our Art Jams are suitable for children aged 4.5 to 7 yo, and 7 – 12 yo. Limited seats available, maximum of 8 children in each programme.
Africa’s Big Five! / 11th & 12th Jun 2012 / $190 (Early Bird Price)
Register by 25th May to qualify for early bird pricing! (usual price $220)

Explore art with Africa’s biggest, fastest and wildest animals! But do you know what are Africa’s Big Five? Though the era of hunting has long past, the term “Big Five” still conjure up the romance and excitement of Africa’s exotic destinations and experiences. This hot and summer June, “fly” yourself for a two day adventure to Africa!
DateActivity∧ (4.5 – 7 yo)Activity∧ (7 – 12 yo)
11th Jun (1pm – 3pm)Safari DiomaraSilk Screen Printing
11th Jun (3 – 3.30pm)Refreshments
11th Jun (3.30pm – 5.30pm)Safari DiomaraAnimal Sculpting
12th Jun (1pm – 3pm)Painting in a SeriesVisual Close-up!
12th Jun (3 – 3.30pm)Refreshments
12th Jun (3.30pm – 5.30pm)Painting in a Series/Animal Masks!Animal Sculpting
Comics & Cartoons! / 13th & 14th Jun 2012 / $190 (Early Bird Price)
Register by 25th May to qualify for early bird pricing! (usual price $220)

Teleport yourself in to the fantasy world of “Me”! Children will explore the fun of cartoons and comics, visualising the world around them in through explosive and unpredictable drawings and colourings. More than just “Cartoons and Comics 101”, the children will be surprised with the possibilities of sculpturing and crafts in their cartoonic and comical world!
DateActivity∧ (4.5 – 7 yo)Activity∧ (7 – 12 yo)
13th Jun (1pm – 3pm)Basics of Face CartoonsBasics of Japanese Manga
13th Jun (3 – 3.30pm)Refreshments
13th Jun (3.30pm – 5.30pm)Fantasy Animal Hero!Comic Strip Me Up!
14th Jun (1pm – 3pm)My Family CaricaturizedMascots Making
14th Jun (3 – 3.30pm)Refreshments
14th Jun (3.30pm – 5.30pm)Cartoonic Super Me!Mascot Making
∧ Activities may be subject to change depending on the class.
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