Freelance Art Teacher

The campus is currently recruiting for Freelance Contract Art Teachers for the following locations:
  • Artary Kovan
  • Artary Punggol
  • Artary Tampines Mall
  • Artary Bukit Panjang

The campus receives many applicants for this position. In order to better conduct the recruitment of this position, please read the information below carefully.

Freelance Art Teacher

CitizenshipSingapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident only
Age21 years old and above
QualificationsTeacher: Strictly Art/Design related fields, at least A’levels, Diploma or Degree
Assistant-Teacher: At least ITE in Art/Design related fields, or Diploma in non-Art/Design fields
ResidenceWithin 45mins by public transport
ScheduleMinimum Commitment Period: 6 months. Teaching are mostly weekends. Weekday sessions are available for a small number of candidates.
Job ScopeTeacher: Conduct teaching in classes
Assistant-Teacher: Assist in preparation of lesson materials or campus administrative tasks. Stand-in as relief teaching if required.
SalaryTeacher: $18 per 90 min session for A’levels, $21 per 90 min session for Diploma, Degree and above
Assistant-Teacher: $15 per 90 min session
Non-conflict ClauseFreelance teachers may not work for any other children’s fine art education organisations during employment

Desired Qualities

We are seeking individuals with the following qualities:
  • Can speak very fluently and passionately in English
  • Caring, patient and sincere towards children
  • Punctual and responsible for assignments
  • Outspoken and enthusiastic about general affairs

The Interview Process

  • Quick questions to determine if you possess the desired qualities (15mins)
  • Explanation of the job scope (15mins)
  • Short drawing and colouring assessment (30mins)
After the interview, if you are deemed to be preliminary suitable for the position, the campus will arrange for you to observe/teach in some upcoming sessions, so as to confirm your suitability. You will begin to be paid at the freelance salary rate during observation/teaching.

After your successful observation, you will be arranged to attend paid training sessions to prepare yourself for teaching.

Apply for the Position

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Age [MM-YYYY]:

Residing location:

Locations available to teach:
KovanPunggolTampines MallBukit Panjang

Resume (max 2MB):


I can commit to this position for at least 6 months. I am not seeking this position for the short-term.
There is no redundant teacher. I understand that I will need to treat all assignments responsibly.
This is a teaching position which requires me to know teaching processes and steps. I will also be required to know fellow teachers, and understand my students. I intend to pick up teaching as a skill.
I understand that I will meet with children who may be rude, misbehave and are defiant. I am ready to take education and discipline seriously.
I understand that I must not work for other children's fine art education or related organisations during my employment.

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