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Rescheduling of Classes

Announcement: With effect from 17th October 2012, we will no longer be offering rescheduled sessions on Tuesday nights. Parents may continue to reschedule their sessions within the same week, subject to availability.

If for any reason a child may not attend a scheduled session, the parent(s) may reschedule to another available session within the same calendar week. All reschedules must be prearranged with the studio, and subject to availability. If for any reason the session is not rescheduled within the same calendar week, it will be forfeited.

If a MC is provided, we may reschedule the session to the next calendar week. All rescheduled sessions MUST be accompanied by an email confirmation.

Example of Rescheduling a Class

Original Session Falls OnReschedule Class To
WednesdaySame week, Wed other available slots, Thu – Sun on available slots
ThursdaySame week, Wed, Thu other available slots, Fri – Sun on available slots
FridaySame week, Wed, Thu, Fri other available slots, Sat & Sun on available slots
SaturdaySame week, Wed – Fri, Sat other available slots, Sun on available slots
SundaySame week, Wed – Sat on available slots, Sun other available slots

Reschedule Request

Fill in the form below to request a session to be rescheduled. Having received your request, we’ll reply with the available timings to reschedule.

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