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Q: My child loves Disney characters. Can you teach how to draw them?


We’re always happy to hear our children’s passion and excitement about art, and over time, our programmes will cover many popular children icons! However, our programmes are not only focused on equipping the children with the best skills and techniques, but also aim at expand their drawing bank.

The programmes are designed to expand the children’s drawing bank through specially selected themes and subjects. We encourage parents to engage their children to keep and open mind to the vast and beautiful world we have around us!

Q: Can I wait for my child in the studio during the session?


We welcome parents and family to rest in the studio while the children are having their programmes. At several peak timings however, the gallery space may be used for other programmes. To ensure that we continue to provide the best learning environment for the children using the gallery space, parents and family are not encouraged to wait in the studio during these peak timings.

Q: When can my child advance to the next programme?


A child may advance to the next programme based on two criteria:
  • Consistently able to achieve the objectives of the current programme
  • Age is within the recommended age group for the next programme
The studio will inform the parent when the child is ready to advance to the next programme.

Q: My child is unwell. Can we reschedule the session to next month?

If a child is unwell, for the safety of other children, we do not allow the child to participate in the session. The session cannot be rescheduled to next month, and may only be rescheduled to other sessions within the same calendar week. In unexpected circumstances of prolonged absence due to HMFD, chicken pox, or demise of family, the studio may offer one make up session for each continuous period of absence, subject to suitable project difficulty, availability and on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How do I reschedule a session?


If for any reason a child may not attend a scheduled session, the parent(s) may reschedule to another available session within the same calendar week. All reschedules must be prearranged with the studio, and subject to availability. If for any reason the session is not rescheduled within the same calendar week, it will be forfeited.

Only one session may be rescheduled per calendar month.

Parents are encouraged to arrange for a reschedule at least 2 weeks in advance.

Click here to request a session to be rescheduled.
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