Art Programmes & Levels

Artary’s exquisite Art Explorers, Art Preparatory & Art Experience programmes focuses on the mastery of different art skills and concepts.

Internally, the studio has been grouping students according to their capabilities into different levels to offering directed art training. Directed training is provided according to student’s programme (objectives) and level (skills difficulty). Parents may observe that children of different ages may be in the same programme, but are receiving different levels of skills training.

The table below describes a summary of the levels in each programme. Over the course of the programme, projects are carefully designed to provide the required practice and challenge in the level. For more information and the full list of art skills and concepts under each level, please approach the Studio Supervisor, or book a consultation session timing.

Art Explorers
  • Drawing: Simple lines & curves, simple shapes & sizing, TBLR positioning, concentric/stripes/grids patterns, drawing core features, tracing
  • Colouring: Colours by comparison, paint strokes flat/one-direction, pastel to-and-fro/circular/rollers, stamp/finger prints
  • Sculpturing: Simple scissors straight/frills/one-bend curves, simple tearing, table-top glue, clay roll/pinch/squeeze, paper crumble/twist/fold, pattern arrangements, collages
  • Concepts: Interaction & action art, seeing the world in basic shapes, art around us, series paintings
Art Preparatory
  • Drawing: Zig-zag/double/triple/train track lines/corner joints, multi-bend curves/waves, simple shape variants semi-circle/diamond/heart/shape-in-shape, sun-ray/multi-waves/polka dots/zig-zag patterns, relative sizing with hand, object detailing
  • Colouring: Pre-mixed paint from primaries to secondaries, pastel edging, painting to-and-fro, paint volume, stencil and object printing, scratching & sponging effects
  • Sculpturing: Scissors zig-zag/waves/basic shapes, exact shape collaging, straight lines clay cutting, arbitrary surface glue, wide strip paper marche, paper dye & curl, tear waves/shapes
  • Concepts: facial & body features, mixing types of paint, body action experiences, family & friends characterisation, life to inanimate objects, realistic and multi colours, overlaps
  • Drawing: Cross/hatch lines, multi-bend curves with closed loops, isoceles/equilateral/fruit & food shapes/natural world, mixing lines/shape patterns, TL/TR/BL/BR positioning
  • Colouring: Multiple-direction strokes & brush switching, pre-mixed paint from secondaries to tertiaries, complimentary colours, dual colour gradients, brush washing & pastel cleaning, thick & thin swipes, brush size switching
  • Sculpturing: Scissor complex shapes, mosaic collaging, thin strips paper marche, paper wrapping, clay curves & simple shapes, table top paper sculpture, tape to shape & double-side tapes, tearing with ruler/guidance object
  • Concepts: Distances, similarities & opposites, colour contrasts, colour wheel, story lines from imagination, self representation with colours, basic emotions on artwork
  • Drawing: 3D shapes/circular cylinder/sphere/cube/cones/pyramid, alternating lines/human outlines, advanced object detailing, relative positioning with hands/objects
  • Colouring: medium stroke lengths, multiple colour gradients/directional gradients, paint dilution and tones creation, texture scratching, brush dry/wash/reuse
  • Sculpturing: Clay waves/circle/scoring/stacking, arbitrary shape paper marche, standing paper sculptures, scissor work from middle
  • Concepts: Landscape/scenes drawing with basic perspective & proportion, inspired art from styles for colours/drawing
Art Experience
  • Drawing: Lighting & shadow outlines, repeat arbirtary shape/alternate patterns, 3D hemisphere/polygons, observation for outline tracing, measurements approximation, short sketching, fonts
  • Colouring: Brush impasto, painting in stroke direction & sponges, strokes dot/dab/sweep/constant widths, painted surface textures, multi tones & shades, paint homogeneous mixing on palette
  • Sculpturing: Straight ruler pen kniving, clay strength & combinations, plaster in hard containers, large & realistic paper marche, sculpture with moulds, cloth dye & resists
  • Concepts: Emotions, mixed worlds, proportion contrasts, combination of mixed art mediums, close-up detailing, silhouettes, featureless objects, skews/distortions, textured landscapes
  • Drawing: Long sketching/stroke weight, shading, variation of line/stroke thickness, 3D composite shapes/world, realistic object detailing, ruler measurements
  • Colouring: Impasto knife, non-homogeneous paint mixing on palette, twirls/light/heavy pressure strokes, realistic painting, drip/splash
  • Sculpturing: Ruler/complex lines pen kniving, clay grooves/scoops/extractions
  • Concepts: Still life, pointilism, full scenes stamina paintings, colours b&w/monotone/dual tones/light & darker tones, macro perspective, impression painting, fantasy characters
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