Event Booth

Booth Setup

1. Receive the trolley consisting event box & iMac.

Event box is placed within the trolley. iMac is placed on top of the event box. A elastic cord is passed from the bottom of the trolley strong point, through the iMac handle, onto the trolley handle strong point.


2. Setup iMac & electronics

  • Setup keyboard and mouse by plugging them into the USB ports on the back of the iMac.
  • Setup power extension block under the table
  • Plug in the wireless router/modem and the iMac
  • Loop the cable lock around a strong point of the table and attach the cable lock into the lock socket of the iMac
  • Cable tie keyboard and mouse to the cable lock. This deters easy theft of the keyboard and mouse.


(Image above: Close up of cable tied keyboard and mouse cable to cable lock. Close up of cable lock socket at back of iMac)

3. Place modem into event box to prevent tempering.

Wait for 3G light to be blinking green to indicate connected to 3G through SIM card.


4. Prepare standby enquiry forms and clipboard for enquiries.

Manual enquiry forms are to be used for enquiries not for the primary studio (e.g. enquiries for Artary Punggol while the event is in Tampines Mall). Refer to image below for final setup.


5. Setup event standing banner.

Booth Closing

  1. Disconnect all plugs from the extension power brick
  2. Unlock the cable lock from the cable lock socket of the iMac. Remove cable lock from table strong point
  3. Do not cut cable ties of keyboard, mouse and cable lock
  4. Place iMac into iMac box. Place keyboard, mouse and cable lock set into the iMac box
  5. Keep extension power brick, manual enquiry forms/clipboard, pens, wireless modem/router and all other materials into event box
  6. Dismantle and keep event standing banner into casing
  7. Place event box into trolley. Place iMac on top of event box. Secure with elastic cord. Refer to image below for final setup of items to be returned.

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