Enrolment: FAQ

Artary children and kids artworks
1. When should my child begin the programme?

As Artary’s programmes do not follow a term schedule, students may join our programmes at any time. Our programmes run all year round, even during mainstream school holidays.

We encourage students to enrol as soon as they have a stable schedule (e.g. every Saturday, 9am.) The campus welcomes changes to session timings should the need arise. Please contact the campus early for arrangements.

2. What happens if my child cannot turn up for a session?

Artary has a very flexible rescheduling policy. If your child cannot make it for their scheduled session, you may reschedule to other available sessions within the same calendar week, since the week’s artwork will not be revisited once the week is over.

Reschedule Example

Alicia’s regular session is on Saturday Session 2 (10.45am). She needs to reschedule her session on Week 8 as she has a school performance on Saturday morning. Alicia may log into the online e-Services Portal to view the list of available sessions to reschedule to in Week 8. An example of the available sessions are shown in the table below.

Alicia may reschedule to a session that is held as early as Tuesday, or as late as Sunday, within Week 8.

Week 8 Artwork: Pirates Ahoy!

Alicia’s original session      Available for reschedule

For medically certified reasons, students will be allowed to consume their missed session within the same calendar month.

Students may arrange for reschedules through the online e-Services Portal: http://me.artary.sg/.

3. How much are the fees?

Students have the flexibility to reserve and pay only the sessions they will attend. Programme fees are collected monthly. Programme fees are inclusive of all materials.

Please refer to the fee table below:

CampusProgrammePer Session Fee (2018)Per Session Fee (2019)
Bukit Panjang Junior CampusAll programmes$38.50 nett$41.20 w/ GST
Tampines Mall Junior CampusAll programmes$38.50 nett$41.20 w/ GST
Kovan Junior CampusAll programmes$38.50 nett$41.20 w/ GST
Punggol Junior CampusAll programmes$38.50 nett$41.20 w/ GST
Jurong Junior CampusAll programmes$38.50 nett$41.20 w/ GST

Payment Example

Jonathan would like to enrol to Kovan Junior Campus, from 8th August onwards.

MonthPaymentDescriptionFee (2018)Fee (2019)
First-time Payment
AugustProgramme fees for first 2 calendar monthsAug: 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
Sep: 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th

Total of 8 sessions:
2018: 8 x $38.50
2019: 8 x $41.20 w/ GST
$308$329.60 w/ GST
Student Essentials Kit
  • 2 x ARTARY Tee
  • ARTARY Case
Initial issue will consist of 1 ARTARY Tee and 1 ARTARY Case. 2nd Tee will be issued upon student’s request for a larger size later into enrolment.
$58.00$62.10 w/ GST
Registration feeIncludes:
  • e-Services account opening
  • Lifetime Certificate of Completions
$40.50$43.35 w/ GST
SeptemberNo payment required$0
OctoberProgramme fees for Oct onlyAttending 3 sessions
Skipping 2 sessions
$115.50$123.60 w/ GST
NovemberProgramme fees for Nov onlyAttending 4 sessions$154$164.80 w/ GST

4. How do I withdraw from the programme?

Students may withdraw the programme at anytime.

Students may arrange for withdrawal through the online e-Services Portal: http://me.artary.sg/.

More queries? Ready to enrol?

If you have attended your trial session, you should have received an email containing follow up information after your trial session. Please check your email, including the spam folder.

You may have queries regarding the campus, programmes or others, or may be interested to enrol immediately. Please reply towards the email, and we will follow up with your queries from there.

Alternatively, you may contact us directly using the form below.


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