Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore! — 5Aug 2018

This year’s NDP 2018 theme is “We are Singapore”.

“We” emphasises the collective, where regardless of our origins and wherever we are, Singapore is our way of life and will always be our home.

We are so proud of our students having completed their very own NDP goodie bags/funpacks to commemorate Singapore’s famous icons of yesteryears. Good job all!

From all at ARTARY: Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore!

(Due to image size considerations, we regret that not all students were included in the photo. Some photos were also unfortunately damaged in transit. Please click image above for larger resolution.)

A fun afternoon visit from Mediacorp’s Channel 8 Arts Guide《艺术全攻略》! — 10Dec 2017

A fun afternoon visit from Mediacorp’s Channel 8 Arts Guide《艺术全攻略》debuting in 2018, with hosts Sugie (潘嗣敬), Candyce Toh (杜蕙甹), Natalie Mae Tan (陈宥蒽) and Cruz Tay (郑凯泽). See you all again soon!

ARTARY 2 “Visits” Jurong Bird Park — 14Aug 2017


In celebration of Singapore’s 52nd birthday this month, ARTARY 2 students “visited” the Jurong Bird Park and “adopted” a parrot of their own!

Are you wondering what the other ARTARY programmes did this August?

(Due to image size considerations, we regret that not all ARTARY 2 students were included in the photo. Please click for larger resolution.)

ARTARY Bukit Panjang Junior Campus opens in Hillion Mall — 5Mar 2017

We are proud to announce the successful campus opening in Hillion Mall!

Our newest campus will deliver the same popular ARTARY’s Fine Art children art programmes, with the warmth and friendliness that students and parents love.

Three lucky winners will walk away with one free month of classes in ARTARY Bukit Panjang Junior Campus! Visit ARTARY’s Facebook page for lucky draw details. Terms & conditions apply.

Mediacorp Vasantham’s Kannaadi Pookkal — 18Oct 2016

Punggol Junior Campus is honoured to host the cast of Mediacorp Vasantham’s popular drama, Kannaadi Pookkal, starring Nithiyia Rao & Shafinah Banu.

Watch the episode:

Your ARTARY Education Plan — 9Oct 2016

Thousands of students have come through the doors of ARTARY to participate in the best art experience. Our children Fine Art programmes are designed to deliver a holistic, disciplined, and engaging art learning experience.

ARTARY’s industry leading e-Services provides a convenient and personalised experience to access ARTARY’s services online. Through the 24/7 online e-Services portal, students can make payments, reschedule sessions, make instant trial appointments and access other common services from the convenience of wherever they are.

Today, we are proud to announce that students can now access their Education Plan through e-Services.

Your ARTARY Education Plan is unique. Beginning from the time of enrolment, the Education Plan journals every lesson attended, allowing parents and students to relive and review themes, artworks, learning experiences and mastery of skills. The Education Plan also presents upcoming artworks, so that students can look forward to their next lesson, or even conduct brief preparations if they so wish! Every ARTARY lesson has been carefully designed for the best art experience and skills mastery for students. Now equipped with the Education Plan, parents can play a part too!

Students are expected to progress through the different ARTARY Fine Art programmes as they reach appropriate ages and successfully gained the required mastery of skills. The Education Plan provides transparent and up to date information on advancements, unique to every student.

(Image above: Education Plan is available through ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services, or in campus.)

Your Education Plan is deeply integrated with ARTARY’s students management system. Students will receive an invite to review their Education Plan upon their attendance in campus.

It is important to know your Education Plan. Access your Education Plan through e-Services online, or in campus.

Education Plan is only available for enrolled students.

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