The best children’s art experience

The best children’s art experience.

Exquisitely Designed Artworks

Specially designed variety of themes to engage and cultivate art interest in every student. Experience art and learn about the world around us. Immersive, educational and so much fun, each and every week.

Multipronged Learning

We approach art learning through carefully selected cartoons, songs, pictures, and a wide variety of hands-on learning activities that will appeal to every student’s interest and suit their short concentration spans. Our multiprong approach appeals to every learner.

Very Small Groups

Our very small group learning provides for the ideal balance between quality teacher’s attention and peer interaction. Groups allows collective learning opportunities from both teachers and peers, while ensuring that every student receives directed art training customised to the individual.

Caring and Qualified Teachers

Our obsession with our students’ education begins from our teachers. The teachers who work with these young learners are carefully selected not only for their talent and academic qualifications, but also for their warm and caring approach.

Advanced Teaching Tools

Teachers are equipped with advanced teaching tools, such as Croc – our proprietary smart lesson guide to ensure that we achieve high quality lesson delivery to every student, every time.

With Heart & Soul

We care. Our decisions are influenced by the love for our students and art. Our programmes are designed for maximum student learning and enjoyment. Our policies are drafted with our students’ convenience in mind. We make caring for our students and community our business.

Everything for you

Our suite of student policies and services are designed to revolve around the modern family. Student services are accessible on our top-of-the-class online Self-Service Portal, 24/7. The flexibility of our reasonable reschedule policies are a favourite with busy families.
Begin your journey
Students begin their art journey with Artary with an emplacement consultation session. After the consultation session, the studio will recommend a suitable Artary programme for your child.

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