The Best in Class Children’s Art Experience

The Best in Class

ARTARY’s art experience is uniquely Singaporean, second to none. From admissions to graduation, for both students and parents, experience is at the heart of everything we do. Countless hours have been put into studying, creating, commissioning and refining the many different components that make up the best experience for the thousands of students who have come through our doors.

Global Learning Experience

ARTARY’s Fine Art curriculum is broad-based and progressive, specially designed to allow students to acquire, master and build a strong foundation with the required art skill sets and techniques. Artworks in the curriculum have been carefully curated for students’ essential exploration of not only art, but through global themes, of the world around.

Structured Creative Training

Creativity does not happen by chance, and training is structured and disciplined. Through controlled exposures to artworks, exercises, videos, songs and games, with unusual approaches to colours, compositions, perspectives and materials choices, the curriculum encourages conventional and unorthodox attitudes towards art, achieving the right balance between essential training and individual expression.

Qualified & Effective Guidance

ARTARY’s teachers are formally trained in the arts, and specially selected not only for their talent, but their warm, caring personalities, while bringing to the table their own eclectic personalities of art and creativity. Teachers abide by our strict in class safety policies, and enforce non-intrusive disciplinary measures to ensure a safe and an effective learning environment.

Quality Lesson Delivery Experience

We are ceaselessly devoted to the development of every ARTARY lesson, and even more invested in quality delivery to bring the lesson to its full effectiveness. Our technology-enhanced deliveries ensure timely execution of artwork processes, step after step. All lesson deliveries are independently checked thrice to ensure full compliance and standards to learning objectives.

Great Experience for Parents Too

ARTARY’s industry leading proprietary e-Services provides a convenient and personalised experience to access ARTARY’s services online. Make payments, reschedule sessions, and keep track of your Education Plan, all from the convenience of wherever you are. ARTARY e-Services is designed to work with the schedule of busy Singaporean students and modern parents in mind.

Safe & Secure Learning Environment

ARTARY’s campuses comply with local statutory architectural safety requirements, with considerations on emergencies, occupancy and heat loads. For students’ safety and security, every campus is equipped with 24 hours on-site CCTV surveillance with duplicated off-site backups. All so that students can participate in a learning environment that is safe and secure.

Accountable & Communicated Journey

Our students’ education is our priority, and priorities must be accountable and communicated. Every ARTARY student has unlimited and transparent online access to a unique customised Education Plan on the ARTARY e-Services. Students and parents can track, review and revise the art education journey so far, and learn about what is ahead in the training plan.

Trusted & Reputable Brand

All ARTARY campuses are wholly owned and operated by a management focused on providing the best art experience.

ARTARY’s curriculum and processes have been put through the rigours of scale, discipline, transparency and accountability, to be the brand name that Singaporean children and parents can trust.
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