ARTARY Case Usage

Announcement published on 14 July 2017.


This announcement is meant to inform teachers of the usage of ARTARY Case.

You have noticed that students have been using ARTARY Paper recently. The Paper is intended to be paired with the ARTARY Case, which have been delivered to the campuses, and expected to be in use in a couple of weeks.

Case is an optional item for existing students. Newly enrolled students will receive a Case as part of their initial Student Kit.


Objectives of the ARTARY Paper + Case:
  • Proper titling of artworks and student names on Paper to prevent mix ups
  • Paper + Case combination allows for artworks aims for artworks to be returned every week, even when the works are still wet. This further prevent work mix ups
  • Space in the campus will be allocated for more efficient usage


Cases come assembled with a shoulder sling rope, and a plastic carry handle.

Admin Teachers are required to place 2 elastic bands into the Cases in preparation for first time usage. Elastic bands are kept separately.

Safe keeping of artworks into Cases may only be conducted by independently by A4 students. For safety, APlay to A3 students not handle the elastic bands, and should be assisted by the teacher.

Step 1: Open Case with lid facing UP. Place artwork UPSIDE DOWN to align corner holes on Paper and Case. Thread one end of elastic band into one corner, first from inside Case into back of Case, and similarly the other end of elastic band into the nearest corner hole.

Step 2: Complete both elastic bands. Observe the bands across the NAME and TITLE of the Paper. Observe the artwork to be UPSIDE DOWN.

Step 3: Check that band tips are secure from the back of Case. For students with Cases, teachers must ensure they are packed into Cases before dismissal.

Step 4: During dismissal, open the Case and hang the lid DOWNWARDS to reveal upright artwork. Allow lid to hang freely down while providing feedback of the work. Close up the Case, hold onto the handle and present to return to student/parent.


  • Excess elastic bands are available. Please approach the Duty Teacher if student returns with missing bands
  • Each Case comes with 2 elastic bands. Lost bands should NOT be replaced frivolously. However, campus will provide band replacement in the near future as we pilot the launch of the Case
  • The Case is a new product, with a new usage methods. Ensure that artworks are safely secured into the Case before returning. Do not return with Case if artwork cannot be secured properly
  • Please raise issues with regards to Case usage expeditiously
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