Special Replacement Class

Appeal: Special Replacement Class
To prevent a conflict of interest between education and payments, our teachers are not allowed to handle any issues pertaining to money. Students/parents are advised to submit appeals so that a non-education management staff can review your case.

ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services portal (http://me.artary.sg) provides students access to reschedules, renewals and payments etc. from where ever you may be.

Students may make arrange for reschedules either on ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services portal, or in campus, to an available class in within the 30 days Rescheduling Window.

Art is an unique activity which requires specialised materials every class. Every week, students take on different learning objectives and utilise a wide variety of specialised materials prepared for the best learning experience. These specialised art materials, teaching and training resources have been procured and reserved as early as thirty (30) days in advance, and confirmed upon payment. As such, these resources are non-transferable, and may only be consumed within the 30 days Rescheduling Window.

For students who have missed their rescheduled classes, we regret that no further rescheduling will be provided.

Successful appeals will be contacted to arrange a special replacement class in a lower or higher level programme, e.g. missed ARTARY 2 class may be conducted in either ARTARY 1 or ARTARY 3, subject to a difficulty suitable for the student.

Please submit your appeal using the form below, and we will get in touch with you within fourteen (14) working days.


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