Non-Qualified Deposit Refund

Appeal: Non-qualified Deposit Refund
To prevent a conflict of interest between education and payments, our teachers are not allowed to handle any issues pertaining to money. Students/parents are advised to submit appeals so that a non-education management staff can review your case.

ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services portal ( provides students access to withdrawals, renewals payment, reschedules etc. from where ever you may be.

All students may withdraw from the programme at any time. However, in order to facilitate the refund of the deposit, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
  1. Notice to withdraw provided at least 30 days (and 4 sessions within) from last session
  2. At least 75% overall attendance rate
According to the Terms & Conditions of Enrolment, all students are required to submit the notice to withdraw on ARTARY e-Services. Other forms of notice are not accepted.

Please review FAQ Q3: for more information on the deposit refund criteria.

The following common appeal reasons will regretfully not be considered:
  • Non-submission and/or unawareness of withdrawal notice via ARTARY e-Services
  • Incompatibilities due to schedule and/or logistics of self and/or family
  • Change of interest and/or willingness to attend

Please submit your appeal using the form below, and we will get in touch with you within fourteen (14) working days.


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I have accepted the Terms & Conditions during enrolment.

My withdrawal does not qualify the deposit refund criteria.

Please email me a copy of my signed & accepted Terms & Conditions.

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