Late Payment Fee

Appeal: Late Payment Fee
To prevent a conflict of interest between education and payments, our teachers are not allowed to handle any issues pertaining to money. Students/parents are advised to submit appeals so that a non-education management staff can review your case.

ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services portal ( provides students access to renewals, payments, reschedules etc. from where ever you may be.

Students may make renewal payments either on ARTARY’s 24/7 online e-Services portal, or in campus, up to two months in advance. Renewal payments are due before the start of the calendar month, e.g. February payments are due on 31 January.

Late Payment Fee appeals will only be considered when full payment (including Late Payment Fee) has been made, and when accompanied with a healthy attendance and payment record.

Successful appeals will have the fee amount credited for future payments.

Please submit your appeal using the form below, and we will get in touch with you within fourteen (14) working days.


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Late Payment Fee has been made. Please consider my appeal.

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