1st December 2015: Weekday Schedule Adjustment

Dear students and parents,

This is an announcement regarding a change in weekday schedule that affects all Artary studios.

With effect from 1st December 2015, the weekday sessions before 7pm will be shifted 15 minutes earlier. There will be no changes to the duration of the session. There will be no changes to the weekend schedule.

SessionExisting start timingNew start timing from 1st Dec 2015
Session 111.45am11.30am
Session 21.30pm1.15pm
Session 33.15pm3pm
Session 45pm4.45pm
Session 57.30pm7.30pm (no change)

The reason for this adjustment is an effort on the studio to provide better welfare and rest for our teachers.

We understand that there may be inconveniences to your schedule and arrangements as a result of this adjustment. This adjustment is necessary so that our teachers can be well rested to provide the best art experience to all our students. We seek your kind understanding.

The new class timings will come into effect from 1st December 2015, and all students will be required to attend their sessions at the new timings. If you need to make changes to switch to another timing, please contact the studio early so that we can reserve the seat early. Otherwise, no action is required if the new start timing is suitable for you.

Please be assured that in this schedule adjustment exercise, our priority is to ensure that all our students are emplaced into an available session of their choice.

If you have queries regarding the new schedule, please contact the studio.

Thank you.

Management of Artary
9th September 2015
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